Organometallics: Materials & Catalysis

The "Organometallics : Materials and Catalysis" team, works on a new generation of materials and catalytic systems for sustainable development.

 Organometallics, coordination and heterochemistry: from the molecules to materials

The purpose of this research is the conception and development of innovative molecules and molecular materials for optical, magnetic and /or electronic purposes, with improved efficiency and thus more respectful of the environment. These entities find their applications in the following fields: organic electroluminescent diodes (OLED), chemical detection, conductive materials, -redox/optical control of chemical reactions, and switchable magnetic/optical systems for molecular electronics and information storage.

Organometallic catalysis : molecules, polymers and green chemistry

Catalysis finds its aims in fine chemistry and polymers chemistry. In these fields, the team develops original catalysts of very high reactivity and selectivities allowing the functionalization of inert bonds such as those of hydrocarbons, the discovery of new reactions and the promotion of renewable raw materials issued from the biomass. These catalysts, molecular or nanoparticular, are part of the development of clean processes and green chemistry, one of the nowadays greatest challenges, with highly economic reactions (of atoms and energy), in mild solvents, and with the use of non-toxic and low-cost metals. 




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Chimie Organométallique : Matériaux Moléculaires et Catalyse